Artist of the Week- Bedrock Sway

Artist of the Week- Bedrock Sway

Bedrock Sway

Bedrock Sway is a 23 year old rapper born and raised in Flint, Michigan (yes, his water is still contaminated). Bedrock, born Levon Epps, knew he wanted to start rapping as soon as he felt the adrenaline rush from his first freestyle to Lil Wayne instrumentals in his friends basement at the age of 11. At 14 he was ready to get serious under his first stage name "Rich Kid Da Don" but soon changed his name to "DTH Von" because Rich Kid didn't quite match his image. While his tracks never got much attention in high school, Sway couldn't be discouraged.

Fast forward to September 2018 and Epps rebranded himself as Bedrock Sway and hasn't looked back since. The name Bedrock Sway is part homage to his hometown of Flint, Michigan where residents call themselves "Flintstones" (the cartoon Flintstones lived in Bedrock), and part nickname ("Sway" is what his friends call him because of his cool demeanor and relaxed attitude).

While DTH Von focused on punchlines and hard beats, life experience taught Bedrock Sway to focus more on content and art. At the same time, he feels like he finally understands the business aspect of music more than he previously did and is motivated to push his music as hard as possible. He does that by pushing his songs to independent record labels, contacting A&R reps, and expanding outside his hometown and trying to set up shows in Ohio and Indiana.

Like most underground artists, Sway is mostly self taught. Aside from hours of research on the internet, he gives credit to several podcasts and interviews as well as Career Opportunities in the Music Industry by Shelly Field. The book taught him all the different roles that people play in creating an artist's brand, as well as the harsh reality that labels aren't only looking for talent but someone who can fit their image.

As soon as I began talking to Bedrock Sway, it was clear that he knew what he was doing when it came to networking. Most of his time is spent on Twitter, but he stays active on Facebook and Instagram as well. Bedrock is very active in Twitter group chats with other artists and creatives, which has resulted in several collaborations. He also wanted to give a big shoutout to Brainwormradio and GLOHIO as playing a big part in his growth and being the first people to genuinely seem interested in helping him out. 

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Bedrock Sway has an album coming out on 4/20 called Cones. Check out the first single "Disregard Females, Acquire Currency" and look for a track each month until it drops on 4/20!


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