Artist of the Week- Counterfeit

Artist of the Week- Counterfeit

When California-based rapper Counterfeit began making music, he had no idea it would turn into a serious part of his life.

The artist began making music in high school, first creating joke tracks with a friend. Soon enough, he realized making music was actually something he enjoyed. He linked with a producer, Becksuses, and in August 2018, officially began making and releasing tracks.

Before releasing anything, the artist had to decide on a name, and he settled on one with a deep connection to his own life.

“I picked the name ‘Counterfeit’ because I’ve been around so many snakes in my life,” he said.  “They have stripped me away of who I really am. I feel I have to put up a facade or not be my true self in order to protect myself from falling victim to people using me.”

Now the rapper is turning that around. He is using his individuality to his advantage and channeling that originality and creativity into his tracks.

Though he’s now more confident in his music, Counterfeit admits that when he first began his tracks were a little rough around the edges.

“The early days were pretty bad,” he said, “Before taking things seriously, I recorded my vocals on an iPhone and the content was immature and underwhelming.”

Now, however, the artist is a lot more official. He has a professional setup and is dedicated to his work, putting out an EP and a few singles just in the past couple of months.

Though he often works alone or in collaboration with Becksuses, Counterfeit also has a number of features on others’ tracks. Lil Bitch, the rapper Counterfeit began his career with, is a common collab, as well as singer io. He believes collabs are an important part of music production, for both variety and a new perspective.

“I have a lot of fun making music with other artists,” he said, “I think every artist should at least have a couple of features on their projects to change things up.”

His career may have just begun, but Counterfeit has already had the chance to perform live. He recently had the opportunity to showcase his music at a charity event, and he plans to do more shows in the future.

As his career progresses, Counterfeit plans to continue with the same passion, but doesn’t plan to sign to a label anytime soon. He wants to be able to act creatively and without constraints, releasing his tracks to streaming platforms when he feels they’re ready for the world to hear.

Now, you can stream Counterfeit’s tracks almost anywhere, and follow the artist on Twitter to stay updated on new releases and his upcoming album.


"My advice to other artists is to embrace failure and use criticism to improve instead of holding a grudge or getting mad at the person. Stay true to yourself in your music and make tracks you are passionate about."

Latest Release

On March 4th, Counterfeit released "Up Next" produced by Becksuses. 


Upcoming Projects

Along with performances, the rapper has more projects in the works for the following months. He has a collab with rapper Yung Trappie on the way, as well as a debut album in the works.


"My main inspirations are Eminem, Joyner Lucas, and Childish Gambino. I enjoy their introspective tracks and how all 3 artists were seen as outcasts before they made it big. I can really relate and feel their emotions through their words."



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