Artist of the Week- Kidnap

Artist of the Week- Kidnap

Kiefer Napolitano's mother wouldn't let him download songs when he was younger, but that didn't stop him from listening to music. Instead, he got his brother to burn him CD's which he would play on the lowest volume possible in order to hide it from his mom. Fast forward to high school and he was riding around Mandeville, Louisiana freestyling with his boys. His goal now? "Dodge the suit n tie."

His older brother Taylor goes by T-nap, so Kidnap was a natural nickname for the younger Napolitano. When he dropped his first track "1082" his senior year, he naturally chose Kidnap as his rap name. He will admit, however, that "even though [he] really loves the song to this day, [he and his producer Beau] had no idea what they were doing with production." About a week later, he got pulled over with a pack in his car, inspiring him to go home and write track number two.

"Lucky Talez", a remix to J. Cole's "Immortal," was initially recorded on Apple headphones. When his brother heard it, he immediately hooked him up with Sambo at Roadkill Studios in Covington. The track was a huge success and locked in Kidnap's initial fanbase giving him the motivation to keep making music.

His debut mixtape, Ambidextrous, soon followed. Most of Ambidextrous was also produced by Beau and the mixtape included a feature from Ozone Suavve. Ambidextrous made waves on the Northshore and Kidnap had established himself in the underground scene.

He landed his first gig in Mandeville at his favorite venue opening for SWAD and Nitty Black. It was way crazier than he expected with hundreds of people in the crowd, an experience he will never forget. Since then he's performed a number of other shows and I even got the chance to see him perform as an opener for Big K.R.I.T at a KA event at LSU. The man knows how to put on a show, that's for sure!

"I knew that I'd need to up the quality of my music, so I started working exclusively with Sambo." Roadkill Studios is a multimillion dollar facility, and Kidnap knows just how lucky he is to have access to it. Sambo, his engineer, has been working with the $UICIDEBOY$ who have brought in even bigger names such as Juicy J. 

"My single biggest inspiration would be J. Cole and I think a lotta people can hear that in my voice. That happened completely unintentionally but it's cool to see how the music you listen to influences the music you make." He also mentioned Andre 3000, Frank Ocean, and Mac Miller (RIP) as his inspirations. More recently, he's been inspired by New Orleans native Pell, Anderson .Paak, and Rex Orange County. 

Latest Release

On February 5 he dropped "Heavens Drive EP," a collaboration with SWAD. 


Upcoming Projects

Kidnap is sitting on a ton of music right now. He's planning on releasing a few singles of his own in February on all streaming services, as well as a collaboration he is super excited about. SWAD is also working on a few projects that we can expect soon!


Artist: Frank Ocean

Rapper: J. Cole

Album: Blonde- Frank Ocean

Song: Come Back to Earth- Mac Miller





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