Artist of the Week- Faceless Sage

Artist of the Week- Faceless Sage

Faceless Sage

Faceless Sage was beatboxing with his neighbor 8 years ago when he was first inspired to start writing down lyrics. He hasn't looked back since. While he has only been releasing music for around 9 months, it's been brewing inside him for much longer. The past 9 months have been busy, though, releasing over 40 songs and performing at two separate awards shows.

An entrepreneur at heart, it hasn't always been about making music. In order to help the creatives he had come to surround himself with, he started New Sound Records. When one of Sage's friends had a camera, he talked him into joining the company and offering multimedia services. Their company did photo shoots, photo editing, videography, video editing, digital graphics, audio engineering, production, and more. The two earned several thousand dollars in the first few months in business.

New Sound Records continued to find ways it could fulfill the mission of helping all the musically talented people around Sage grow together. While living in Monroe, Sage met the manager of a small venue in Bastrop, about 25 minutes away. She told him he could use the venue anytime so he immediately started cooking up an Artist Showcase event. It was no easy task, but he managed to make the showcase a huge success with 25 upcoming artists getting a chance to perform. To make things more difficult, his partner decided he wanted to do his own thing and moved on, leaving Sage to finish setting up the event and alone come showtime. He organized a booth on ULM's campus to market the event and create a social media buzz, got local radio host DJ Star to be there, and even had the event catered. The catering company took his money and didn't show up with food, but even that couldn't ruin the success the showcase turned out to be. 

Edit: Faceless Sage did not pay the catering company but agreed on an 80/20 revenue split, and the caterer did not show up.

During this time, Sage had a day job as a manager at a car insurance agency to pay the bills. One day, his boss asked him to go to lunch. He then delivered the news that the agency was shutting down. With no job, no partner, and bills adding up, he moved back home to South Carolina where he was fully motivated to do whatever it takes to succeed. On the one hand, he is investing in himself and his music career, ruthlessly networking and putting out music at an amazing pace. On the other hand, he is pursuing an HVAC certification so that he can start his own business should the rap career fall short. 

Faceless Sage has been putting out music ever since and improving with each release. New Sound Records has continued to evolve into the Record Label it is now, starting with collective playlists on twitter. He hopes to eventually bring on the talent necessary to offer all of the services they once could while finding new artists to help along the way.

If I learned one thing from Faceless, it was how to network. The first story he told me was about setting up his first LLC in Louisiana, getting involved with the community, churches, and Chamber of Commerce, and an expo for African American owned businesses where he met the connection to set up his first gig. By the end of the conversation, he added me to over 10 group chats on Twitter, all filled with artists and creatives networking to make it together.

Many artists could learn a lot by watching Faceless Sage, how he networks, and his work ethic in general. Within an hour of direct messaging on Twitter, he gave me his phone number and we talked for hours the following day. Sage is the epitome of hustle, the number one ingredient to a successful career. He was the first artist that I was really able to talk to, and he undoubtedly had a greater impact on me than I ever could on him. 

Upcoming Projects

Check out Faceless Sage's upcoming single "Lame" produced by Josh Kelly exclusively below for a limited time!

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