Revibe Artist of the Week

Revibe was established to serve the underground music community, and we could not be more excited that our beta testers will be able to finally use our app in little over a month's time! (Sign up here!!) We have been working had to get this going and could not have done it without your support. 

About Revibe

For those of you who do not know, Revibe is a music application which will allow you to stream mixtapes and underground music right next to Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever paid subscription service you use. Artists will be able to upload their music to our platform, and fans will be able to stream and queue these songs as well as songs from YouTube and their paid subscription service (Spotify or Apple Music first, but support will be added for as many as possible). This will not only make it easier for fans, but it will also help artists gain more exposure as fans are no longer forced to switch between apps just to support their local emcees.

Artist of the Week

In order to get to know more underground artists and in an effort to help the entire community grow together, we have decided to start an Artist of the Week series where we will write a blog post about one underground artist every week. The goal of the series is to highlight their story- the struggles, the successes, and everything in between- as well as their music. We think this will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about independent artists and the problems that they deal with so that we can all learn how to better deal with them. Additionally, we hope to create a place for your music to be discovered by more fans and also a place for motivation by seeing artists that have overcome similar adversities throughout their journey.

While we cannot write a post about every artist that we meet, we do want to promote each and every artist as much as possible. One way we want to do this is by offering genuine promotional tweets to any artist that we have a conversation with. While there are many accounts out there that offer paid promotions, we hope to differentiate ourselves by not only listening to your music but getting to know you as an artist and offering a genuine tweet to our followers. These tweets will be completely free and available to anyone willing to have a 10 minute conversation with us. We think this will be an awesome way to support the community and grow together. 

How you can help

Please help us spread the word so that we can help as many artists as possible! If you are an artist, please reach out to us on social media so that we can get to know each other. If you know any artists that may be interested, please encourage them to reach out to us! You can reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email us directly at! This is completely free, and we will take the time to talk to every artist that reaches out. Thank you for your help!

Want to nominate someone for Artist of the Week? Click here! 

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